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Motor Complex is not just about how easily you can sell & buy cars in Dubai or UAE.

Motor Complex is delighted to offer aground-breaking suite of advertising solution for marketing purposes. Our 250x300and 336x280 pixel banner advertising helps to bring attention of users to the businesses. You can now boost your business at an extremely affordable rates.

Example of 250x300 banner can be found on lower half, right side of Home Page

Example of 336x280 banner can be found on right side of the following pages

Our team will work with you to find the right mix to drive the best results, so that you can benefit the best out of the packages. We provide the flexibility to choose the spot/s where the maximum interest of the sponsor lies.

The charges have been kept extremely reasonable to meet the needs of the sponsors. Find below the tariff table for the sponsored banners.

1 month 500/aed Home Page

3 months 1300/aed Home Page

6 months 2399/aed Home Page

Display Location: Home Page
Size: 250x300 pixels

1 month 250-350/aed Depending Car Brand Category

3 months 600-900/aed Depending On Car Brand Category

6 months 1000-1600/aed Depending On Car Brand Category

Display Location: Any Chosen Car Brand Category.

Size: 336x280 pixels

These sponsored display advertisements will be shown on each and every page of selected car brand category.

For any queries or to place the order kindly contact us on support@motorcomplex.com

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