About Us

Among the topmost Dubai Cars classified is the MotorComplex, an online platform for posting free car ads created for the UAE community to facilitate the selling of all types of Vehicles. We firmly believe in being productive to this community and hence the need for a better car destination was much called for.  The sole purpose of Motor Complex is to provide an inexpensive podium for the sellers of vehicle, be it an individual or a company via free car ads. Cars Website in Dubai only premium website that has FREE car advertisements besides paid ones, bringing peace of mind to the community. With the potential to connect thousands of users online on a daily basis, we are going to bridge the gap between the buyers and sellers of vehicles.

UAE’s likeness for special number plates is well known all over the world;hence we decided to dedicate a section for special number plates on our platform. This will help specially the traders of special plates in closing more deals through Motor Complex besides personal sellers.

Our team is highly experienced and motivated to provide the best services to our users round the clock because our aim is to ensure that the users achieve the results they are looking for. We believe that some of our finest works in life comes through service to others.

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