Are all ads on Motor Complex paid? What are the paid sections on Motor Complex?

No, all ads are not paid on Motor Complex.We have provided the community with 3 best possible options as mentioned below.

  1. Free basic ad
  2. Featured ad for 49/aed only
  3. Urgent ad for 89/aed only
  4. Share ad for 9/aed only is shared on our Social Media Platforms. It's a combination of basic ad posted on the portal & the same ad being shared on our Social Media Platforms.

How do I place an ad?

Placing an ad onMotor Complex is easy, user friendly and only takes a few moments of your precious time. Follow the steps below to place your ad.

Once you're logged in, Click on the "Add Your Item" button in the top right corner of the page and fill up the details or car for sale or number plate for sale and press "Submit" Free ad button for Free basic ad, choose Featured ad option for Featured ad, Urgent ad option for Urgent ad and Shared ad option for Shared ad.

Incase if you want to try featured ad/Urgent ad/Shared ad option later then you can post a free ad and later when you change your mind, you can always make your ad featured from "My Ads" page.

How do I place Urgent/Featured ad/Shared ad?

Placing an ad onMotor Complex is easy and only takes a few moments of your time. Follow the steps below to place your ad.

Once you're logged in, Click on the "Add Your Item" button in the top right corner of the page and fill up the details or car for sale or number plate for sale and select Urgent ad option for Urgent ad which has a charge of 89/aed and Featured ad option for Featured ad which has a charge of 49/aed.

Shared ad is an option where is you pay 9/aed charge and your car ad or playe ad is shown on the Social Media pages of Motors Complex. For posting shared ad, you must at least select one of the main options of Urgent, Featured or Basic Ad.

You will be directed to Stripe payment gateway, where you will punch in your debit/credit card details and submit for the ad to get posted.

*We have chosen Stripe as it is one of the most secured payment system in the world currently.

**Motor Complex does not collect any debit/credit card details of the users.

Do you have special accounts for dealers or a bulk purchase facility? (How do I purchase Popular package?)

Motor Complex is one stop shop destination for all kinds of car advertisement needs, be it individual or business.

We are delighted to inform you that we do have option of tailor made packages for Auto Dealers/Showrooms and you can design the package that suits your need.

Motor Complex has gone an extra mile for this particular service and has kept special discounted packages to meet the needs of the businesses.

You can contact our team on support@motorcomplex.com with the queries and one of our super agents will assist you in no time.

How long will my car be listed on Motor Complex for? (What is the expiry period of my listing?)

  1. Basic ad will be listed for a period of 60 days
  2. Featured ad will be listed for a period of 14 days as Featured & then continue as normal ad for the next 46 days.
  3. Urgent ad will be listed for a period of 14 days & then continue as normal ad for the next 46 days.
  4.  Total life of Basic, Featured & Urgent ad is 60 days (including Featured/Urgent ad period of 14 days)

How long Urgent & Featured isting last for?

If you have listed your car as Urgent/Featured, then the Featured/Urgent tag will remain active for 14 days but the ad will continue as a normal ad after the completion of Urgent/Featured period until it completes 60 days in total from the date of posting.

You also have the option of one time refreshing the Urgent and Featured ads withing 14 days and when refreshing is these ads go on to become the top ads of their respective sections. But the total number of Urgent/Featured ad tag remains for total of 14 days from the date of original listing.

Why should I choose Urgent/Featured ad option?

Urgent & Featured ads are a great way of differentiating your ad from the basic ads. Featured ads also remain above normal ads, which mean users will view featured ads first. The goal behind this wisdom is to give more exposure to your ad and generate more leads that results in a faster sale.

On the other hand, Urgent ads are the top most valued ads on Motor Complex. Urgent ads show above Featured & Basic ads for a period of 14 days before converting into normal ads. Urgent ads are the first thing viewed by any user visiting the site that give them maximum exposure. Urgent ads are tagged as time sensitive so the users know that this item is not going to be available for a longer time as there is a sense of urgency behind the sale of this particular item. All this process leads to the maximum lead generation in least time possible.

Urgent & Featured ads can also be refreshed one time within 14 days and they be will shown on top of their respective section as a freshly posted ad. But the total number of days for which these premium ads (Urgent & Featured) remain for total of 14 days from the date of original listing.

What is the maximum number of Free or Featured ads a user can place?

A user can place infinite Free or Featured/Urgent ads on Motor Complex but each single Featured ad will cost 49/aed whereas every single Urgent ad will cost 89/aed.

Motor Complex will take protective measures to make sure that the Free ad option is not misused by posting same ad for multiple times. The right process is to delete the old ad and then place the same ad as a new ad.

Kindly not that abusing of Free ads option will immediately lead to suspension/ban of that particular user for a limited/lifetime depending on the frequency of action.

When will my car/plate ad appear on the website?

The car/plate ad should appear almost immediately, given that the transaction/payment was successful (in case of Featured/Urgent ad). If it hasn't appeared please contact us at support@motorcomplex.com and we will assist you ASAP.

Duplicate ads!

Motor Complex request users not to misuse the Free ad option and post multiple ads for same item. Our team will delete such ads if found or reported and may also suspend the account temporarily or permanently, if the user does not abstain from doing it repeatedly.

How do I edit/delete my ads?

Sign in to your account, click on "My Ads" tab on Dashboard and you can edit and/or delete any of your ads on MotorComplex.com

Can I request for a refund?

Once a Featured/Urgent ad is paid for & posted, it cannot be refunded. Your use of the premium ad posting option of Featured, Urgent, Shared ad or any other tag such as Car History, Warranty, Lady Driven, and No Accidents is the acceptance of the condition that the charges paid for premium ads and tags is non-refundable.

I prefer to be contacted through email, how can I hide my mobile number?

To reduce the risk of frauds and scams, Motor Complex has decided that a mobile number is mandatory to sign up for Motor Complex which will automatically appear on the user advertisement and unfortunately cannot be removed from the user listing.

Don't be a victim! Avoid being scammed on Motor Complex

Don't be a victim, watch out for potential scammers. Check out these important tips to avoid being scammed:

Are you are selling a car or plate on Motor Complex?

  • Do not share your personal information with anyone - even if they claim they are from Motor Complex.
  • Do not transfer the ownership of car/plate without getting the right amount at the ownership transfer counter at authorized licensing service center.
  • Do not accept the payment in cheque if you are not sure about it's clearance. Always Deal in cash to be on the safe side.
  • Never reply to an SMS with your debit/credit card information. Motor Complex will never send an SMS asking for your personal information.
  • Never respond to any email claiming to represent Motor Complex concerning your ads and always contact us directly before replying to any such email to verify its authenticity.
  • The only email account Motor Complex uses for customer support is support@motorcomplex.com and Motor Complex will never ask for any personal or financial information no matter what. If you get any such kind of email, kindly consider it as a scam.

Are you are buying a car or plate on Motor Complex?

  • Never send money to anyone within/outside the country unless you see the actual car and meet the owner. Payment should be done only at the car ownership transfer counters at the authorized licensing service center, after making sure the car/plate is going to be transferred on you name without any issues.

What should you do if you suspect a scam?

If you suspect you've been scammed don't hesitate to contact our support team immediately through the Contact us page or report the ad and submit your comments. Our support team will right away delete the scam ad and block the user's account which will prevent any further such cases by the scammer.
Kindly proceed immediately to the Law Authority to report the scammer if required.

What is SMS Phishing?

SMS Phishing

Increasingly, SMSmessages are being used as a way of tricking people into giving up their MotorComplex accounts, passwords, OTPs, re-send SMS authentications and out of theiridentities.

The technology thatpowers texts enables people to put custom names in when they send messages –allowing people to pretend to be Motor Complex or anybody else.

Phishing Attempt: is this an email that I received from Motor Complex?

If you have posted an ad on Motor Complex wewill send you a small number of emails to keep you updated on the statusof your ad.  Sometimes you may receive an email that looks like it is fromMotor Complex but you aren't sure.

Spoof / Phishing emails are fake emails made to look like they’ve been sent bya legitimate company. They trick people into either replying or clicking a linkto reveal confidential information like bank account details or account emailand passwords.

Howto spot a spoof email

  • Urgency required to act on an ad or account status: Often spoof emails threaten you with removing your ad, account blocking or restrict your website access unless you reconfirm your account details.  We would never do this!
  • Sender’s email address: Email addresses are easily forged, so never assume the address that appears in the ‘From’ line is real.  Just because it says the email is from xxx@Motor Complex.com or Motor Complex@outlook.com doesn't mean it really is.
  • Links to a fake website requesting personal information: The spoof email usually contains a link to a fake website that looks like the Motor Complex site. One way to tell if they’re fake is by looking at the URL (see example below). Legitimate Motor Complex pages will always be on Motor Complex.com , http://Motor Complex.com or Motor Complex.com.

Fake websitesexamples are as follows http://yhj4n5r4wr.6te.net/uae.MotorComplex.com/ ,http://uae.Motor Complex.com.cars.uae-cgi.com/users/reactivate/, http://uae-acc.info/Motor Complex/accounts/login/ Fake websites alwaysask for sensitive information, such as your credit card details, account name,email address or password to ‘confirm’ or ‘verify’ or ‘reactivate’ your status.Never follow instructions on such sites.

Phishing through chat

Here at Motor Complex, we always do our utmost to educate our users on potential dangers they might come across when using MotorComplex.com. With our Chat feature up and running, here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • Motor Complex will NEVER contact anyone via Chat or SMS to warn you regarding disciplinary measures on your account/ads, we will only contact users through the following email: support@motorcomplex.com and you should never submit any kind of personal or financial information even to our official email.

Always login through Motor Complex directly WITHOUT using any links, and always check for a small padlock next to the website address on your browser to make sure it's secure connection.


Making Payment for car/plate ads through Stripe payment gateway

Motor Complex advises it's users to always make sure that they have been directed to authentic stripe payment gateway by verifying the URL before proceeding to fill up the debit/credit card details to place an ad. Do not proceed the transaction if you feel any kind of suspicion and always contact us in such situations before taking a step in haste.

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